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Watching an IPL match in the middle of the pandemic is weird, isn’t it? Those empty stadiums, that artificial audience noise, and that untouchable Air-bubble. Conducting such an international event in tough times must be really really challenging for the organizers. Kudos to their efforts!!

I was thinking of all the travel involved in the IPL schedule. In a regular IPL, each team plays one match home and one match away. Can we optimize the schedule such that there is less travel involved in the event?

Where do you listen to your music? Mostly on some apps? And what you listen to? Songs of your favorite artists, albums, creating your own playlist. More often than not, you get hooked to powerful recommendations given by all popular music streaming apps.

What if people take their time and effort to suggest you “songs” that you might like. Yes, What if they type those songs for you?

Here I do not mean creepily tracking their music playlist. So last weekend I came across this YouTube music reactions channel where the YouTuber(his support page) listen to Indian Bollywood songs and…

Optimization is THE block that you need to solve many problems. From raw material management of the factory in the 19th century to decide which rider gets assigned to what customers in digital food tech app company, optimization is prevalent everywhere every time.

Quadratic optimization problems are of special types where the objective function is having quadratic form.

Quadratic convex problem: Standard form

Here, P, q, r, G, h, A and b are the matrices. h, b are 1D vectors. Typically we skip r(constant bias term) as that does not change the solution.

We will take an example and see how can we use ready…

Do you know about the latest RASA changes? For those who don’t know, RASA is an open-source bot-building platform which comes with awesome components to develop the enterprise-grade bot.

Their stack is divided now into RASA X and simple RASA. Do you know that apart from building a bot, you can also use RASA for doing interesting NLP tasks like Named Entity Recognition, Text classification? We can make use of only the NLU part of the stack to train the model for these tasks. RASA comes up with a detailed guide to use it in NLU-only manner.

But how to…

Image Stitching

Panorama effect! Yes, that’s what we will uncover in this post.

Image mosaicing/stitching is the task of sticking one/more input images. We have information spread across these images which we would like to see at once. In a single image!

We all have used Panorama mode on mobile camera. In this mode, the image-mosaicing algorithm runs to capture and combine images. But we can use the same algo offline also. See the image below, where we have pre-captured images and we want to combine them. Observe the hill is partially visible in both inputs.

When you have multiple images to…

Internet is flooded with numerous articles and tutorials on twitter data analytics. Many of them talk about how to use Twitter developer APIs to fetch tweets. And do sentiment analytics!

But is that all we can do with tweets? If No, then why everyone is behind sentiments? Because it is easy to begin. And I get that. Libraries like Textblob, Spacy come with built-in sentiment classification.

Before going to sentiments there is enough exploratory analysis that can be performed to get relevant insights. In this post, let's attempt and shift our attention to some other stuff. …

RASA has been actively developing its NLP stack on top of spacy. If you follow their git then you can relate to it. No doubt the latest changes are awesome!! Rasa-core is now streamlined to run a rasa server, they have decoupled customization actions from the actual bot stack. Actions now can run in a separate server as you might want in production scenarios.

However, it took away developer-loved-control of the bot. Earlier we used to feel things working in front of us which now have been abstracted down. This was expected with the maturity of the platform.

In this…

Samrudha Kelkar

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